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Тема: New MacBook Pro 16G RAM limit a problem?.
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JohneamesHi there,

Trying to put together a powerful mobile rig for film composing that can run lots of VIs and plug-ins, but I see that the new Mac laptops max out at 16G RAM. My current desktop rig is a Mac 12 core with good processor speed, 64G RAM, an SSD internal drive, etc., and it runs large VI/plug-in composing and mixing sessions flawlessly. What do people recommend as ways to achieve substantial processing power and headroom with the new Mac laptops, given their limited RAM capacity? A friend says that the processors and internal SSD drive of these new laptops make them plenty powerful, but I have my doubts when you’re talking large VI track counts and numbers of fx plug-ins not only for mixing, but to help create sounds. Whaddya think?? All thoughts much appreciated...


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