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 Why Is My Epson Printer In Error State, What Should I Do?Пожаловаться!
Послано: 16-12-2020 17:23

If your Epson Printer is in Error State, it can be due to problems with the printer software or hardware. The error comes in the way when you attempt to print something and can be very frustrating since you can’t use your printer. To fix your Epson printer and to bring it out of the Error state, you must find the cause behind it first or follow the basic troubleshooting as mentioned below:
1. Check your printer’s power cord and replug it to fix any issue with the connection. Make sure that the switchboard is working fine or connect the printer to another board.
2. Next, check the USB cable connecting your printer to the device. Make sure it is working fine or replace it with a new one.
3. In the case of Wireless printers, ensure that your Epson printer is connected properly to your device.
4. Now print a blank page to see if the issue is fixed or not.
5. Update or reinstall the latest printer drivers.
6. Restart both your printer and computer.
7. Delete any print jobs from the queue.
8. Switch off and switch on your printer. Now try printing something.

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