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 PLay The Best HiLo Online with Gclub!Пожаловаться!
Послано: 08-02-2018 04:52

HiLo is a gambling game. There are six dice in the casino, each side has a number of 1 to 6, three of which the dealer
will take the dice to put in the plate and cover the cover and then shake. The player will bet on the top of the dice on
the top three sides by stabbing it in several forms as follows.

There are 7 types of bets:
1. Teng high - low pay one times the peak.
2. The number one pay streak.
3. Betting Numbers 5 times the stake.
4. Betting Odds Paid 8 times.
5. Total points scored Pay by the point.
6. Betting 150 times the stake.
7. The total payout is 24 times the stake.

'' [color=#1dbcf2]ไฮโล ออนไลน์[/color] '' will have a countdown timer for players to place bets. The player can place bets. After the countdown
is completed. The staff will shake the dice. After the shake is completed. The player can see all three of the three cards.
And there are three key effects of the game to see on the game. And calculate the result according to the hype shown.
If the hills shake, turn out if the hills are tilted or stacked. Or dice hit the dice. Can't see the exact result. The staff will
shake again. It will take the second shake. If the results are as follows. The table operator will need to shake again and
count the results of the second. Well, when you know the rules and procedures. Play HiLo-Online then you can start playing it.

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